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Wellington Frontrunners

The Capital’s rainbow running group

Who we are

Wellington Frontrunners is an inclusive running group for the Capital’s gay and lesbian runners.  It welcomes runners of all ages and abilities including national and international visitors to the Capital.  Some members enjoy joining the group’s regular weekly runs and brunch afterwards, while others are keen to improve their fitness and enter various events.  Everyone runs to have fun.

Wellington Frontrunners was established in 2000 as the city’s gay and lesbian runners prepared for the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney.  Members of Wellington Frontrunners have also participated in the World Outgames in Montreal in 2006, the World Outgames in Copenhagen in 2009 and the 1st Asia-Pacific Outgames in Melbourne in 2008.  Wellington Frontrunners organised the 10km and 5km road running events held as a part of the 2nd Asia Pacific Outgames in Wellington in March 2011.

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